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King Messiah Reigns

Zeroa HaShem Reigns (Intro)

‘Who has believed our report? And to whom has Zeroa HaShem been revealed?’ — Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 53:1 There is some debate these days as to whether Yeshayahu 53 is speaking of the Messiah or the Jewish people, but the first verse provides the key to understanding the truth of the passage. Yeshayahu 53 is speaking […]


Zeroa HaShem in the Exodus (3)

The slavery of Mitzrayim (Egypt) and the Exodus is both the history of the nation of Yisrael (Israel) and also a prophetic picture of the redemption that HaShem is bringing about in the Earth through Zero’o (His Arm). It concerns all nations—anyone who fears HaShem and seeks His mercy—even as it was a mixed multitude that left […]


A Call to Righteousness In Christ

Calling all Christians! “There is a critical message diffused throughout the writings of the New Testament. It is a call to righteousness in Christ Jesus. “Oftentimes, the best way to get to the Truth is to forego the commentaries of men and go right to the source, prayerfully. This thematic arrangement of NT passages is […]

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