Phase Two Implementation

Gates of Heaven

We have begun to identify faithful disciple-servants of the Lord Yeshua who are worthy of being commissioned as chief emissaries to their nations in fulfilment of our mission and vision, in reality teams of professionals are needed to accomplish this phase of our mission in a timely manner, and consistent financial support is needed for this purpose.

For example, teams are needed to call and seek out, pre-screen and screen, pre-qualify and qualify, invite and receive, host and commission the chief emissaries to their nations, for starters. Furthermore, once they are commissioned, the emissaries to the nations will also need the tools and support to carry out their mission, for example.

Therefore, we are seeking 360 average western households that will entrust us with their part of the king’s tenth (1 Shmuel / Samuel 8:11-17), in order to provide the resources needed.

The campaign goal of $2M represents the projected annual costs of the above scouting and commissioning, etc. It does not include a physical office place to work from, but does include the approximate costs of flights and accommodations for the above mentioned emissaries, as it likely will not be possible for many emissaries to afford the journey and stay, especially among less wealthy nations. The same might also be true of many even in western nations.

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