Divine Discipline: Blessings Within the Curses

By Joshua Spurlock It can be hard to see the good within the bad times. This is especially true when those difficulties, even tragedies, are consequences of our sin. How can such horrid, awful experiences carry within them any good thing? In fact, the beauty of HaShem’s approach toward His people is that even the […]


The Power & Importance of the Spoken Word

Anonymous The spoken word is itself an invisible thing, yet it is the most powerful and important force in the universe. It was by the spoken word that Elohim (God) called the universe into existence. It is the very Word of Elohim that has been given to us to instruct us in the Way of life, and the very Memra (Word) […]


Vows, Oaths, and Speaking the Truth in Love

By Joshua Spurlock How do people know that you’re trustworthy? Do you need to promise to do what you say? Or perhaps “solemnly swear”? Is a handshake necessary? Or are you just known to be a truthful person? One of the games kids in America sometimes play is that anything they promise to do while […]


Be Zealous for the Promises of God

By Joshua Spurlock Did you ever know someone who just wouldn’t quit? Some of the most inspiring examples are those disabled athletes who push past their physical limitations and strive for their goal. For many of them, it’s not about winning a prize—it’s about crossing the finish line well. That kind of passionate perseverance is […]


Balak & Balaam Vs. the Sovereignty of HaShem

By Joshua Spurlock Parashat Balak (B’midbar / Numbers 22:2 – 25:9) reads a bit like a tale of fantasy. As Bnei Yisrael (the Children of Israel) go about their day to day business in the wilderness, a maniacal monarch bent on crushing them in battle summons a sorcerer with great powers. As the imposing conjurer […]


HaShem’s Promises Trump the Promised Trials

By Joshua Spurlock Of all the promises given to us by our Lord Yeshua HaMashiakh (Jesus the Christ), one of those least discussed is that we will have trials in Olam HaZeh (This World). But it doesn’t end there. Yeshua also gave his talmidim (disciples) a second promise that is bigger than life’s trials. “In […]


Works Without Faith Are Dead

By Joshua Spurlock This week we reach one of the most tragic Parashiyot in all of the Torah: Parashat Shelakh, (B’Midbar/Numbers 13:1-15:41). There we read that the generation that came out of Mitzrayim (Egypt), who saw the signs that HaShem did against their enemies, crossed through the Sea on dry land, and saw HaShem descend […]


The Nazirite Vow and Friendship with G-d

By Joshua Spurlock His coarse, long locks of hair contrast sharply with the average men around him. He doesn’t eat grapes and he wouldn’t set foot in a graveyard. He is not a hippy, though, nor is he being superstitious. He is a Nazir (Nazirite), as defined in Bamidbar (Numbers) 6, in Parashat Nasso. Some […]


Counting Blessings to the Next Generation

By Joshua Spurlock This week, people all over the world people begin reading the book of B’midbar (Lit. “In the Wilderness”) according to the traditional yearly Torah reading cycle. In most English Bibles, this book is known as Numbers. It doesn’t take long to realize why B’midbar is referred to in this way. The first […]

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