Mosheh and Yeshua: 30 Parallels

HaShem has lovingly forbidden His Children from a variety of practices that are common among the nations, including divination, consulting fortune-tellers, interpreters of omens, sorcerers, charmers, mediums, necromancers, or those who inquire of the dead (cf. Devarim 18:10-11). We are instead to submit to His servants, the Prophets, especially The Prophet, the one like Mosheh […]


Yeshua: Prophet Like Moses

By Joshua Spurlock It is one of the most important promises in all of Scripture, and it is the foundation and the reason for many other precious commitments of HaShem (the LORD). It is the promise that a new Navi (Prophet) would arise and lead us to HaShem. He would teach us what we need […]


Worship HaShem in Holiness, Unlike Nations

By Joshua Spurlock The ceremony was meticulously done, as one sacrifice after another was completed flawlessly. The grandeur of the Kohanim (Priests) and the Mishkan (Tabernacle) must have been a sight to behold. Yet the most awe-inspiring moment came at the end, as fire from HaShem (the LORD) consumed the sacrifice on the altar. Everyone […]


Circumcise Your Heart and Be Born Again

By Joshua Spurlock Perhaps one of the most dramatic mitzvot (commandments) in all of Scripture is the mitzvah (commandment) of circumcision, which HaShem (the LORD) commanded Avraham (Abraham) and all of his descendants to observe from generation to generation. It’s a life-changing thing, with life-long effects—not the least of which is a permanent social classification. […]


Live the Right Words, and Speak Them

By Joshua Spurlock Everyone is a preacher. They preach about who the best musicians are. They preach about who makes the best clothes. They preach about what lifestyle is best. And, of course, they preach about what religion is correct. What’s more, most of this preaching is done without words. Everyone’s life and appearance carries […]


Customs and Traditions and the Way

This clip from Fiddler on the Roof speaks to both the good and bad sides of tradition. On the one hand, tradition can be a helpful and stabilizing force in the community, for good. On the other hand, tradition can be and is mistaken for being the word of G-d itself, sometimes in disastrous ways, […]


Count Your Historical Blessings

By Joshua Spurlock We’re really good at remembering the “good ol’ days,” the days when times were supposedly better; the golden ages past. But do we remember our blessings? Be careful, lest your memory bring discontent and misery rather than the power that comes from using it the right way. Not only does remembering the […]

Dwelling in Sukkot

From Sukkot to the Promised Land

By Elikana Nachum The Hebrew word Masei means “journeys”. It is the second word, and the first distinctive word, of Parashat Masei. The parashah begins by recounting the 42 encampments during the journeys of Yisrael (Israel) through the wilderness on their way to the Promised Land. Moshe (Moses) is commanded by HaShem to transmit a […]

Unequally Yoked

Be Not Unequally Yoked, Remove the Thorns

By Joshua Spurlock I remember once having a small splinter in my finger, which needed to be removed. The problem was I really didn’t want it removed for fear of the pain it would cause. Nevermind the fact that the splinter also hurt, or the possibility of an eventual infection that could hurt far worse […]


The Power & Importance of the Spoken Word

Anonymous The spoken word is itself an invisible thing, yet it is the most powerful and important force in the universe. It was by the spoken word that Elohim (God) called the universe into existence. It is the very Word of Elohim that has been given to us to instruct us in the Way of life, and the very Memra (Word) […]


Vows, Oaths, and Speaking the Truth in Love

By Joshua Spurlock How do people know that you’re trustworthy? Do you need to promise to do what you say? Or perhaps “solemnly swear”? Is a handshake necessary? Or are you just known to be a truthful person? One of the games kids in America sometimes play is that anything they promise to do while […]


Be Zealous for the Promises of God

By Joshua Spurlock Did you ever know someone who just wouldn’t quit? Some of the most inspiring examples are those disabled athletes who push past their physical limitations and strive for their goal. For many of them, it’s not about winning a prize—it’s about crossing the finish line well. That kind of passionate perseverance is […]

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