Jacob’s Faith: Godliness With Contentment

Ya’akov Avinu (Our Father Jacob) is an excellent example of the righteousness of faith that is in Mashiakh Yeshua (Messiah Jesus), Tzidkenu (Our Righteouness). Like Avraham (Abraham) his [grand]father, Ya’akov Avinu received the promise of G-d by faith. He believed G-d (cf. Bereshit / Genesis 15:1-6), so it was counted to him as righteousness. In […]


Isaac’s Faith: Persevering Through Persecution

By Joshua Spurlock Since the days of Kayin (Cain) and Hevel (Abel), the righteous have been persecuted by the wicked. For Am Yisrael (the people of Israel), this has been especially true. The servants of the Lord Yeshua (Jesus) have suffered for their sincere faith from the beginning, and unbelieving Jews, too, have suffered for centuries because […]


Rivkah: Woman of Faith

By Joshua Spurlock Avraham (Abraham) is a hero of our faith. He left everything with a promise from G-d. He lived for decades with the unshakable belief that HaShem (the LORD) would give him an heir in spite of the trial of infertility. Can anyone possibly approach the faith of Avraham? Actually, Avraham—spiritual giant that […]


We Stand On HaShem’s Promises to Avraham

By Joshua Spurlock The first words recorded in Scripture between Avraham (Abraham) and HaShem (the LORD) are truly astounding. After calling Avraham (then known as Avram / Abram) to leave his homeland and his relatives, HaShem gives a stunning promise to him that would change the world. “And I will make of you a great […]


Judgment by Fire is Coming Like the Flood

By Joshua Spurlock It was an ordinary day. The sun rose as it always does. People did went about their usual business. There were sad moments and moments of rejoicing, just like any other time. And then it happened: The rain started to fall, and before anyone could do anything to save themselves, the whole […]


The New Man: Like God, Again

By Joshua Spurlock The Serpent’s most crafty deception was telling Khavah (Eve) that she could be like God. As we read in Parashat Bereshit, “But the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die. For God [Elohim] knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be […]


Rejoice in the Lord Always & Again at Sukkot!

By Joshua Spurlock The English word “joy” and related words (such as “joyful”) appear 203 times in the English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible. The first instance of the English word “joy” in the ESV is in reference to Chag HaSukkot (the Feast of Tabernacles), in the Book of Devarim (Deuteronomy). “For seven days […]


The Day of Atonement & The Divine Coverings

By Joshua Spurlock There is an intersection between atonement, coverings, and a close relationship with HaShem (the LORD). When HaShem told Moshe (Moses) to build the Aron (Ark), he was to make it with a Keporet Zahav (gold cover, Cf. Shemot / Exodus 25:17). Above the Aron, HaShem would meet with Moshe, the representative of Yisrael […]


By Grace Through Faith: You Can Do the Torah

By Joshua Spurlock Do you believe “anything is possible with G-d” (Cf. Luke 1:37, Mattityahu / Matthew 19:26)? If so, then you can do the Torah (Instruction; a.k.a. Law) of HaShem (the L-RD)! How is it possible? By the grace of G-d (cf. Titus 2:11-14), of course! HaShem enables us to keep it! According to traditional […]


Real Faith: Loving In Deed & Truth

The Patriarch Yaakov (Jacob) was a reasonable man. It was enough for him that HaShem would be with him, giving him food to eat and clothing to wear and keeping him safe. For this, Yaakov became the faithful servant of HaShem, giving back to HaShem like Avraham (Abraham) before him (Cf. Bereshit / Genesis 14:18-20). ‘Then Yaakov […]


Divine Discipline: Blessings Within the Curses

By Joshua Spurlock It can be hard to see the good within the bad times. This is especially true when those difficulties, even tragedies, are consequences of our sin. How can such horrid, awful experiences carry within them any good thing? In fact, the beauty of HaShem’s approach toward His people is that even the […]

The-Widows-Mite by-James-Joseph-Jacques-Tissot

Pure Religion: Caring for Orphans and Widows

By Joshua Spurlock A forty-day fast, praying three hours a day, ordination, and devoting one’s life to teaching others about G-d are all great ways to serve HaShem (the LORD). But they are not the definition of pure religion according to Him. Those wanting to be like HaShem must ensure they care for everything that […]

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